Loyalty Solutions

Recognize, realize and reward loyalty to your brand.

Our loyalty solutions build better bonds. Whether it's a formal Loyalty program or #informaloyalty, we apply human and digital loyalty mechanics to deliver impressive results for brands. Our design, implementation and management of loyalty make this type of marketing a profit center instead of a cost center.

Gone are the days of aggregate, anonymous customers. At the heart of each solution is the unique customer. Want to see them more frequently? Need them to try something new? Buy more? Find others like them? Say nice things about your brand?

Take a closer look at our solution set.

Design & Strategy Consulting

We take a comprehensive approach to building, or rebuilding, bespoke programs that are highly relevant for your customers, brand aligned, operationally feasible and financially viable. Our consulting work balances customer research and behavioral analytics with human science and design thinking. Our work is always grounded in financial model projections and proformas.

Services include:

  • Loyalty Solution Design & Re-design
  • Financial Analysis & Business Casing
  • Ideation Lab
  • Program Performance Audit
  • Segmentation & Engagement Modeling
  • Informaloyalty™

Technology Platforms

Synapze™, our scalable brand loyalty platform, allows you to engage all of your customers—those who are most deserving, most in need, or most at risk — with meaningful, real-time content. Synapze is a flexible platform that is ideally suited for enterprise as a new loyalty platform, or as a replacement to an underperforming program with a limited platform.

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Program Implementation & Operations

We provide insights and recommendations throughout the implementation and management of your program. We continuously measure progress against your KPIs, as well as industry benchmarks and best practices, to meet objectives and improve upon them. Our approach applies Champion Challenger, perpetual A/B testing, Hold Back and Control Groups to make data-driven recommendations on program optimization and growth.

Services include:

  • Migration Analysis & Planning
  • KPI & Program Performance Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics

Member Engagement & Communications

Thinking beyond shallow interactions, we create rich human-to-human experiences that combine the physical and the digital in cohesive ways that build and secure long-term relationships with your brand.

Services include:

  • Lifecycle Planning & Execution
  • Member Contact Services
  • Push/Promo Campaign Planning & Analysis